Host4WebPages Provides following services:





Web hosting is an act of maintaining, lodging and serving files for a website and making it accessible via World Wide Web.

Host4WebPages offers following type of hosting services-

Dedicated Web Hosting :

Under dedicated web hosting we offer you to lease an entire server not shared with anyone. This is more flexible as you will have complete control over the servers. You can choose your hardware, operating systems etc. Despite of cost and complexity dedicated servers provide many features to your business.

Shared Web Hosting :

In shared Web Hosting many websites reside on one web server connected to the internet. Each site resides on its own partition. This is one of the most economical options for hosting. Here we are responsible for managing server, installing softwares etc.

Colocation Web Hosting :

Colacation Web Hosting is similar to the dedicated Web hosting. Here you own the colo servers, we provide physical space that server takes up. This is most flexible type of web hosting.

Reseller Web Hosting :

Here is something for them who want to start their own web hosting services. Resellers could function for individual domains. In reseller web hosting you buy your server space, market it yourself and sell it to your customer. As you are going to provide services to your customer you must buy your space from a reliable source like Host4WebPages.

Virtual dedicated hosting :

Our virtual dedicated server hosting is an outstanding way for customers to enjoy the settlement of server resources a different hardware. Here we allocate our resources in such a way that it does not directly reflect the underlying hardware.

Managed Web Hosting :

Managed Web Hosting is exactly as the name reflects. Here we facilitate you to own web server but not full control over it. However you can manage your data via FTP or other remote management tools. As we are not providing full control we guarantee quality of services and control over configuration problems


Domain name is your unique identity over the web. A well chosen domain name can lead you to many benefits like increased traffic, improved recognised etc. While we can register any domain for you but at the same time we suggest you the best possible domain name from our experience.

Domain Registration :

Domain Registration is one time process and then you have to renew it per year. The cost of domain registration varies with the extension choose by you. The extension could be .com .uk .au .in .net .edu etc. Once you register a domain it is reserved for you for one year.

Domain Name Transfer :

If you are a current customer with any domain name with other provider and want to change your domain management you can transfer your domain to our servers. We will provide best services to you at affordable rate.

Domain Name Renewal :

When your domain name is about to complete one year of its registration or renewal you will receive a notification mail from service provider and at that time you can renew your website. If you don’t want to renew your website you can leave it, there is no penalty for that but afterwards that domain can be sold to any one.

Domain Name Management :

Our customer can manage their domains easily using our domain manger.  This is an online application available 24X7 and you can manage your domain any point of time.


As soon you entered in the field of online business the very first thing you will need a professional business email using your own domain to contact your clients and customers. We provide reliable, flexible, robust email solutions featuring web mail, IMAP, POP3 and SMTP. Our email services are compatible with Outlook and other third party email clients as well as most mobile phones.