In the hosting environment we offer you option to choose your own server operating system. If you are familiar with Linux and Windows operating systems, you should already know which one best suits your website’s needs. If you are not then we are here to help you. Linux dedicated servers are the most commonly used web hosting dedicated servers and web hosting solutions for the industry. Linux dedicated servers if used properly that is less overhead and greater return on investment. Administration Server is simple. It gives you an advantage in that open-source Linux. The licensing fee is less than Windows. Linux include CentOS, Fedora Core, Debian, and many other Linux distributions and BSD systems FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD. The well-known around the world that Linux is well known for its stability and security features.
Linux servers have following advantage:
Open Source :
Linux being open source code allows everyone around the world to promote its expertise in its development.

Scripting Language :
There are many scripting language available on the Internet, such as Perl, Python, Java, PHP, and the construction site. All this and scripting languages have been developed on Linux / UNIX servers

Reliability Factor:
Linux is a day well-known as a really stable and reliable. This means that Linux servers are a little faster and easy to use.

knowledge and execution delay :

Linux servers have many years experience in web hosting services than Windows servers in the industry.

efficiency Factor :
Linux does not require language ASP and database MS-SQL to create a database of dynamic web pages, simply because it uses the MySQL database, which is generally available.

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