Working with technologies of Microsoft like ASP and needs to have a windows server hosting because these are developed by Microsoft. When you are using ASP or you can only use Microsoft-access and Microsoft SQL as your database. Windows hosting delivers a familiar surroundings for managing and administering a website.

Windows server is one of the most famous among users in online business. There are various facts to make them popular. Windows is a product of Microsoft and most of the applications today are being developed by Microsoft. There is no application that a windows server does not support. Windows based hosting plans are compatible with almost all the computers and softwares in the world.

Advantages of windows hosting:

Windows itself:
The first advantage of windows server hosting is windows operating system itself as it is the widely installed operating system at present.


Windows Web Hosting supported MSSQL, which is a powerful, robust, professionally supported database system.

Front Page:
Windows server supports front page by default although front page software is been replaced then also million of websites aroun the globe are still working with front page software.

ASP.NET technology:

It is very interesting itself, as the language is compiled. It has a lot of additions and can bet any php or perl.

Administrator control:
In windows server you can administrate via Remote Desktop.

Business Solution :
Windows hosting gives valuable Microsoft-specific business solutions like Share-point Services, Microsoft CRM, Exchange.