A dedicated hosting service is a type of Internet hosting in which the client leases an entire server not shared with anyone. In the web hosting business, the dedicated servers, also referred to as dedicated hosting. In dedicated server a powerful computer is used solely as a server. This computer has operating system(Linux or windows) related software like SQL and internet connection. It is important to note that the server is owned by us and you do not have physical access to it.

Stability and control are two major advantages a business have with dedicated servers. A company’s web site stability will increase because there’s no other web hosting client using the dedicated server. Additionally dedicated server hosting provides more control over all the functionalities which helps you to maintain the business.

Administration support for dedicated server varies in following form :

Unmanaged(cheap dedicated server) : Here we will not involved in maintenance, security, upgrades, and patches. All these things will be handled by client .

Self managed : self managed hosting covers regular monitoring and little maintenance. The major part of maintenance is done by client.

Fully Managed : In this we need a little support from your side and we will handle all things like operating system upgrade, software updates, security patches and reboot.

Managed Support : In managed support monitoring, management, updates and other support are performed with both side.