co-location server is same as dedicated web hosting server. The main difference between dedicated server and co-location server is that user owns the co-location server and we provide physical space that server takes up and take care of the server. This is most powerful and expensive type of hosting service. In this service we may provide little support directly for the client’s machine. We will provide physical space, Internet access, electricity and storage facilities. In co-location service you will have the benefit of using your own equipment without the hight cost associated with maintaining your own server. Co-location web services offers all the added features and also secures the data from any natural calamity disasters.

What are the Benefits of Co-location Hosting?

# 1. You can save your money and time as you don’t have to invest for infrastructure.

# 2. We offer a service “Remote Hands” , if you need a task to be done from the console.

# 3. Better connectivity and reliability

# 4. Direct access to the strongest and widely used network in the world.

# 5. No need of UPS or generator.

# 6. You can reduce the cost of traffic and keep internal network free for other things.

# 7. You get option to choose the hardware and software configuration.

# 8. Reliable Uptime