As name suggests virtual private server is way for making partition of a server into multiple virtual servers. Here each and every virtual server act as single computer system and they have separate operating systems running for them so can be rebooted independently. Here customers have feeling of having their own server with all the controls. In actual all the servers are running on the same physical system it seems that many users worki9nh on their different physical servers. This service is especially beneficial for web developers, as they should have complete control over their sites and also all web applications that work effectively in this area.

Advantage of virtual Private Servers

# 1. Cost Saving : Virtual private servers are on a single physical server so hosting providers can implement many servers at same location and one instance of the model software need to install. It reduces deployment costs for us. This is the main reason why cost are lower for virtual private server.

# 2. Disaster Recovery : virtual private server are independent of each other so there is minimal risk of unauthorized access from hacker as well as other customers. VPS can be migrated between different nodes with zero down time. Virtualization -Make the management of servers makes disaster recovery situations

#3. Scalability : Virtual Private Server can be scaled on demand. That is, if the application is started hoarding more RAM, it is very easy for them to be treated.

# 4. Root Access can : There is no difference between dedicated server and virtual private servers in terms of functionality. VPS is very useful for developers as they need their own sandbox for testing.

# 5. UNLIMITED WEBSITES : Another feature of virtual private servers is the ability to mange numerous web site altogether. There will not be any problem with hardware sharing even we run a dozen of different sites.

# 6. HIGH CUSTOMIZABILITY : VPS are very feature rich. They are functionally equivalent to a dedicated server. Under the VPS, custom firewall configurations are feasible because of the partitioning between customers.