What is Web Hosting ?

Web hosting is a type of service that allows individuals and organizations to store website contents in a space owned by a web hosting company. Web hosting companies make sure that content posted by client is accessible via world wide web globally in the same format as it was. Or in other words Web hosting is an act of maintaining, lodging and serving files for a website and making it accessible via World Wide Web.

Types of Web Hosting

Dedicated Web Hosting : Dedicated web hosting is a type of web-hosting where client lease the entire server and need not to share with any one. In dedicated web hosting client has full control over the server and can choose the hardware and operating system as well according to the requirement. It provide many flexible features to your business despite of its cost.

Shared Web Hosting : In shared web hosting available web space it divided into several partition and each single partition is allocated to a client. Here many websites are hosted on one server. Like dedicated web hosting we don’t need to lease or own our server it affordable to everyone and most popular. Bandwidth and storage space is distributed among many clients, who all share the same physical server.

Co-location Web Hosting : In co-location hosting client own the sever and the company is just concerned for physical space and taking care of those server. Hosting company will provide any direct support to the client. It just provide Internet connection, electricity and storage facility.

Reseller Web Hosting : Reseller hosting is the method to resell the product and services that you obtain from our company. Reseller hosting is an option of revenue generation. As in reseller hosting you don’t need to have your own server and other hardware required to start a hosting business but still you have all the facilities. You will have full control over all the domains under you.

Virtual Server hosting :
As name suggests virtual server hosting is way for making partition of a server into multiple virtual servers. Here each and every virtual server act as single computer system and they have separate operating systems running for them so can be rebooted independently.

Managed Web Hosting :
Managed web hosting is another type of web hosting where we facilitate you to own your server but as the name suggest you don’t have full control over that. Here you can manage your data using some remote update tool like FTP. You will have not the full control over the server but still you don’t need to worry as we guarantee quality of services and control over configuration problems.

Cloud Hosting : Cloud Hosting is a new type of hosting platform that is based on clustered load balance server and offers powerful, scalable and reliable hosting. Here customer only pays for what they use.