SSL certificate is abbreviation of Secure Socket Layer Certificate.
What is SSL Certificate ?

SSL Certificate is a digital certificate use to authenticates a web-site’s identity and help in encrypting to all the data or information moving to or from website. In these times of increasing fraud and data breaches SSL Certificates protects confidential information such as credit card numbers, passwords, and addresses that users enter on your website. The most common use of SSL certificates is in HTTPS based websites, where the S stands for Secure and the pages accessed, require the user to be reassured of the page’s security.

Why we need SSL Certificate ?

Why we need a lock for our house answer is quite simple fore security reason. As we cant leave our home open for everyone. There is many personal and valuable things which we want to keep safe. Same thing is applicable for website also. Securing our website is very important aspect of keeping our data as well as anyone else’s data safe. In these times of increasing fraud and data breaches, your customers look to you to secure sensitive information sent over the Internet with the strongest encryption from the most credible security providers.

Types of SSL Certificate :

Domain validation SSL Certificates: Here certification authority just check the name and contact information of applicant matches the registration information in the who-is database. Certification authority checks the right of applicant to use a specific domain name.

Organization validation SSL Certificates: Here certification authority assures that applicant’s legitimacy of business by verifying the website. Certification authority performs many validation process like applicant’s businesses credentials and accuracy of its physical and web address before issuing the SSL Certificate.

Extended Validation SSL Certificates: Here first of all right of applicant to use a specific domain is checked by certification authority and then a thorough vetting of the organization is performed. It is the first SSL Certificate to include industry wide certification guidelines established by web browser vendors.