Host4WebPages offers following products to their clients :

Web hosting : Web hosting is a type of service that allows individuals and organizations to store website contents in a space owned by a web hosting company. Web hosting companies make sure that content posted by client is accessible via world wide web globally in the same format as it was. Or in other words Web hosting is an act of maintaining, lodging and serving files for a website and making it accessible via World Wide Web.

Domain : Domain name is your unique identity over the web. A well chosen domain name can lead you to many benifits like increased traffic, improved recognization etc. While we can register any domain for you but at the same time we suggest you the best possible domain name from our experience.

Email hosting : As soon you entered in the field of online business the very first thing you will need a professional business email using your own domain to contact your clients and customers. We provide reliable, flexible, robust email solutions featuring webmail, IMAP, POP3 and SMTP. Our email services are compatible with Outlook and other third party email clients as well as most mobile phones.

SSL Certificate : SSL Certificate is a digital certificate use to authenticates a web-site’s identity and help in encrypting to all the data or information moving to or from website. In these times of increasing fraud and data breaches SSL Certificates protects confidential information such as credit card numbers, passwords, and addresses that users enter on your website. The most common use of SSL certificates is in HTTPS based websites, where the S stands for Secure and the pages accessed, require the user to be reassured of the page’s security.